SMS & Mobile Web

If you have a smartphone that isn’t iPhone or Android-based, or if you have a non-smartphone with an older operating system, you won’t be able to use our Rider app to track your bus. Don’t worry! You can still access your agency’s tracking information through mobile web or SMS text messaging.

Mobile Web

Mobile Web provides real-time location and next stop information as well as a small map for all active vehicles and routes. You can even access announcements that might impact your ride! Your mobile provider’s charges for using the Internet on your phone may apply depending on your data plan.

How do you access the mobile site?

You’ll need…

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    A web-enabled mobile device. Examples include smartphones, tablets, iPods, netbooks, or similar internet-enabled devices.


    Access to the internet through your phone. Examples include a web/data plan or a Wi-Fi or hotspot connection.

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    To go to http://[Agency Name] on your mobile device’s browser. You’d replace [Agency Name] with your local transit agency’s name.

SMS Text Messaging

Access real-time arrival times in 3 easy steps

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    Find your stop code (see below for instructions).


    Text [Agency Name] [stop code] to 41411

    Be sure to text your agency name, a space, and then the actual stop code number. Without a stop code you will be presented a list of routes to choose from.

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    Receive real-time arrival times for the stop you’ve chosen via SMS text message.

    Please Note

    Message and data rates may apply. To Opt-out text STOP to 41411. For more information text HELP to 41411.

How do you find your stop code?

To find your stop’s code, go to the main real-time map and click on your desired stop. Below the stop’s name you will see “stop code” listed.

Advanced features

The TransLoc SMS system supports powerful search capabilities to allow you to narrow down your results. You can also mark stops as favorites.

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    Text [Agency Name] r [route number or name] to 41411, to search for a route. Be sure to text the word YALE, a space, the letter r, a space, and then the route number or name.


    Text [Agency Name] s [stop code or name] to 41411, to search for a stop. Be sure to text your agency’s name, a space, the letter s, a space and then the stop code or name.

  • 03

    You can combine these two searches to further narrow your results. Example: YALE r Rex Hospital s Moore Square.


    Text [Agency Name] h to 41411 to reach the home screen with details on searching and favorites.